BANDAGRANDE Big Band at Nuyorican and FB Lounge

On Thursday, April 21st at 9:30PM, Hector and Friends’  new baby-project, an 18-piece power-sound-erupting machine, BANDAGRANDE Big Band, made music history at New York city’s lower East side’s famous NUYORICAN POETS CAFE, featuring some of the best Jazz and Latin Jazz players in town, including Chris Washburne (tb) , Samuel Torres (perc) Alex Han (alto Sx), Christos Rafalides (vb), Alex Hernández (bs), Vince Cherico (dr), Mitch Frohman (B Sx), Chelsea Baratz (t Sx), Enrique Fernandez (t Sx) and many others.

On Friday the 13th (#*&@%?^!!) of May, 9:30PM  this original music and arrangements of Jazz, Salsa and Brazilian standards will literally (well, almost!) blow you away at “el barrio”‘s FB Lounge, by far Spanish Harlem’s nascent culture scene’s most sophisticated and happening venue !!!

World Premiere of composition by Hector Martignon at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, NYC

After a performance by one of New York city’s best string orchestras, Musica de Camara, at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, on Thursday April 7th. 2011,a review appeared in the New York Concert Review website. Among the compositions (all by Latin American composers) performed was Hector’s “Abre los Ojos, Cierra los Ojos” in a brand new orchestration commissioned by the ensemble; here excerpts from the review:

“Colombian Hector Martignon’s “Abre Tus Ojos, Cierra Tus Ojos” is a very difficult work that… caught the first violins off guard for a moment. Concertmaster Francisco Salazar, however, was absolutely terrific with his demanding solo part. Minimalistic, highly syncopated, and richly harmonized with 7th and 9th chords, “Cierra…is a marvelous work, and the composer was present to receive the audience’s enthusiastic gratitude (photo).”

Latest Classic-Jazz crossover release

On April 20th, Hector and co-leader, Joe Burgstaller, are releasing their second album, Bach’s Secret Files, with the Summit Label. Incredible arrangements of Bach’s beautiful preludes in C minor and in F Major, the aria and first Variation of the exquisite Goldberg Variations and a daring re-inventing of Bach’s opus magna, St Matthew’s Passion’s ERBARME DICH aria, with operatic prima donna, Brenda Feliciano on vocals, are waiting to be listened and enjoyed, along with more pieces by Mendelsohn, Ravel, Satie and Debussy.