Snow_Owl_NormasAustria-based contrabass guitar virtuoso Juan Garcia Herreros released his band, Snow Owl‘s second CD, Normas, for the Inner Circle label with Hector on piano. It has received raving reviews in Europe and the US.


Hector plays piano and Fender Rhodes and wrote one of the cuts in this, Mongo nephew Roberto Santamaria’s first solo album, featuring an all-star band including Joe Gallardo and Michael Phillip Mossman.


Invited featured guest pianist with Tommy Igoe’s BIRDLAND BIG BAND, “Eleven”, performing on Michel Camilo’s explosive and aptly titled On Fire.

This is the second release of Hector’s latest project, along with trumpet virtuoso, Joe Burgstaller. Together they lead the Burgstaller-Martignon 4 ensemble, performing classical compositions from Bach to Ravel with Jazz and Latin Jazz arrangements. They toured Europe in the Fall of 2010 to great acclaim.

One of the world’s most famous bands, Chicago, decided to release his all-time hits arranged with latin rhythms and called some of New York’s best Latin musicians to record  this CD, Exitos. Hector plays piano and accordion in 4 of the tracks.

Silvestre Martínez, a virtuoso percussionist and composer from Oaxaca, residing in San Francisco, released his debut album, Heritage, in 2010. Hector playedpiano in most of the tunes and arranged the famous folklore song, El Feo

Hector performed the piano and produced Colombian guitarrist Nelson Riveros’ NelsonCdcritically acclaimed first solo album, featuring some of the best musicians from New York, Cuba, Colombia and Puerto Rico, Camino al Barrio.

Second Chance (Soho Music)
 in this 2010 Grammy nominated CD, the group explores a collection of new Martignon compositions that allow him to reflect on second chances in his life. A funky swagger leads the group into a catchy melody with a bluesy edge from Perez and Collins on “Second Chance,” while the rhythm section quiets. Perez attacks the mellow funk of the rhythm section with a slew of jazz melodies, connecting each one together with a logical progression.

BURGSTALLER-MARTIGNON-4 MOZART’S BLUE FANTASIES Besides being the pianist and co-leader, Hector arranged most of the music for this spectacular crossover CD, with music by Mozart, Chopin, Piazzola, Ellington and Bowling. The CD imediately hit the JAZZ-CHARTS

Johnny Ray, EL DE LA RUMBA SOY YO In a rare SALSA-relapse, Hector plays accordion on “La Maquina” which became an instant hit

Eddie Alen, SALONGO Hector plays the piano on Jazz Trumpet Virtuoso Eddie Allen’s first release, which has won national and international praise.

Gabriela Anders, BOSSA BELEZA Hector was invited guest on four of the tracks of

this JVC Japan release from Argentinian star-vocalist, Gabriela Anders.Very original versions of some Brazilian Standards and gabriela’s compositions.

Candido, LIVE IN NEW YORK-MIAMI Hector plays piano on the tracks recorded live in New York. Beautiful VINTAGE playing by one of the greats, CANDIDO!

Hector Martignon, REFUGéE Nominated for the 2008 Grammy AWARD for best Latin Jazz AlbumHector’s latest release (ZOHO RECORDS) featuring four of the best bassists of the world ( Eddie Gomez, Richard Bona, John Benitez and Matthew Garrison) plus four of the best drummers (Jeff “Tain” Watts, Willard Dyson, Horacio “Negro” Hernandez and Dafnis Prieto) along with great invited guests (Kenny Barron, Mark Whitfield, Sammy Figueroa, Edgardo Miranda, Roberto Quintero, Samuel Torres and others) all in this, FOREIGN AFFAIR’s latest collection of original compositions and arrangements of beautiful standards.

Samuel Torres, SKIN TONES Hector performs the piano in this amazing first solo release by virtuoso percussionist from Colombia, Samuel Torres. He also wrote the cut Observatorio, beautifully sung by Julia Dollison.

Vitaly Osmaçko,  SVETLOBA V ZITU Arrangements and Orchestrations written by Hector Martignon for Russian singer-songwriter’s first symphonic project. Hector recorded with the rhythm section in Ljubljana, Slowenia and then flew to Moscow to record the Russian Philharmonic Orchestra. The CD has been released in the Slowenian and Russian languages.

Julia Dolison, OBSERVATORY Hector composed the title track, OBSERVATORIO. Julie wrote the English Lyrics

Foreign Affair (CCD-79746) Hector MartignonWith Satoshi Takeishi on drums and Jairo Moreno on Bass) on the Candid label, features guest stars Ruben Blades, Randy Brecker, Don Byron, Luis Bonilla and Donny McCaslin. It features mostly original tunes but also some awsome arrangements of standards like My One And Only Love and brazilian pop classic La Propuesta masterfully sung by Ruben Blades. Most striking is the treatment given to prelude #8 in E flat minor by Johann Sebastian Bach. This CD was chosen in JAZZIZ magazine one of 10 best of the year by critic Mark Holston.

Gabriela Anders, ECLECTICA Hector was invited guest on five of the tracks of this release from Argentinian star-vocalist, Gabriela Anders.

Don Byron, YOU ARE #6 After having toured extensively with the band, Hector was invited to perform keyboards on some of the tracks of this amazing album.

Gabriela Anders, LATINA Hector was invited guest on four of the tracks of this release by Argentinian star-vocalist, Gabriela Anders.He also wrote some of the arrangements.

Monday Michiru 4 SEASONSAs invited guest, Hector plays the piano on four of the tracks of Toshiko Akiyoshi’s and Charlie Mariano’s incredibly talented daughte MONDAY’s first CD.

Hector’s first solo CD, Portrait in White and Black (CCD-79727) Hector Martignon’Portrait in White and Black’ was repeatedly praised as  “…the year’s best …”,(Jazztimes) “…among the best…” and so on. Along with Hector’s trio, with Satoshi Takeishi (drums) and Jairo Moreno (bass) the album features the great Ray Barretto on congas, vocalist Gabriela Anders, Manolo Badrena on percussion, Donny McCaslin on sax, Luis Bonilla on trombone and Cidinho Texeira on accordion.

Paul Peress, AWAKENING Beautiful CD in a slighly “Smooth Jazz” vein, featuring stars like James Genus, Gabriela Anders and Mark Whitfield. Check out Hector’s arrangements for the Beatles’ NORWEGIAN WOODS, Herbie Hancock’s BUTTERFLY and his own composition, NEW MORNING MAMBO.

Fantasía (ALCB-3171) Gabriela Anders Gabriela Anders’ first two solo projects, under the name of ‘Beleza’, were produced by Hector Martignon for the Japanese Alfa/Samson label. All the tunes were arranged by Hector except ‘Fantasia’, arranged by Marteen (who was mistakenly credited for the arrangements of ‘Fire of Love’, ‘Say it One More Time’ and ‘Fuego de Amor’, which Marteen co-produced).

The first of two ‘Beleza’ CDs by argentinian singer Gabriela Anders. Produced by Hector Martignon (except the tunes ‘Forever’ and ‘Cold Ice’, produced by Marteen) this CD as well as her next ‘Fantasia’ diplay a special taste for a mostly accoustic treatment of vocal-jazz material, away from all the effects and synth-sweeteners all too easily abused for when ideas are of short suply.

Eat, Dream, Man, Woman () Ang LeeFor the sound-track of this OSCAR nominated feature film, composer Mader combined the original chinese music style and instrumentation with traditional cuban son and mambo. Flutist Sara Planck and Hector were in charge of arranging and producing the cuban part of the score. Apart from the virtuoso chinese musicians, most of the musicians were members of the original Son de la Loma, the best and most authentic cuban band in the New York area. Independently from the movie, the CD became a hit in Taiwan prompting the production of a dance book to learn the steps and dance along to the peculiar mambos and sons, the melodies of which were played in part with chinese instruments.

Ray Barretto, MY SUMMERTIME (OWL-082-835830-2) This, conga-master Ray Barretto’s first Blue Note release, recieved the best of all reviews so far of all his CDs with New World Spirit. Hector played piano and arranged the tunes ‘No Hay Problema’ and his own composition, ‘Fait Accompli’. Nominated for the Grammy this CD should definitely have won it! It is the last CD recorded by Hector with Barretto before leaving the band.

Luis Bonilla, ESCUCHA Besides playing the piano on most of the tracks, Hector wrote two of the tunes . Trombone virtuoso, Luis Bonilla shows here why he is one of the best!

Ray Barretto, TABOO Hector played for eight straight years in all the different bands of the great late Ray Barretto, recording six of his best albums. He compose two tracks on this one and arranged three more. including the title track, TABOO.

Ray Barretto, ANCESTRAL MESSAGES Hector played for eight straight years in all the different bands of the great late Ray Barretto, recording six of his best albums. He compose two tracks on this one and arranged three more. including the title track, ANCESTRAL MESSAGES.

Ray Barretto, HANDPRINTS Hector played for eight straight years in all the different bands of the great late Ray Barretto, recording six of his best albums. This is his first one with NEW WORLD SPIRIT Band. Wrote two tracks.

Soy Dichoso (JM 666) Ray Barretto‘s very last Salsa record . One of the last Fania productions alltogether, it preserves the original sound of authentic Salsa of the ’60’s and ’70s. Hector plays half of the cuts and transformed the beautiful ballad Talvez by Cuba’s Juan Formel, into a Salsa hit through a modern, though respectful arrangement.

Lucia (01-0139-02139) LUCIA The first recording to appear under the newly created label of Colombian superstar Carlos Vives, Gaira. It features a blend of colombian folcklore with a New York state of Jazz. Hector was in charge of producing the CD, but also arranged and played piano and B2 organ in all the tunes except one featuring Valery Naranjo on marimba. Lucia is one of the best voices coming out of Colombia lately.

Descarga Boricua, ABRAZATE Hector was special guest in this session by the foremost all-star puertorican band, Descarga Boricua. It was an acclaimed CD that year.

Angelo Y su Tumbao Moderno (cd51052) EXTASIS Y DOLOR NYC‘s best musicians perform in this salsa classic in the best 80’s style. Rafi Irizarri, William Cepeda, Edy Montalvo, Tony Barrero, John Walsh are just some of the talents involved in this project produced by Hector.

Cruz Control (evarc41CD) CRUZ CONTROL Hector arranged a beautiful bolero medley for this, one of the hottest salsa bands in NYC. He also was invited to play the piano in that cut.

Irazu (pcd-159) MAMBO INN – Irazú, PURO SABOR Tata Güines is the engine pulling the infernal rhythm machine providing the foundation of this extraordinary CD. Even if (or rather because?) recorded in Europe by a Europe-based band , its heat and the performances by cuban stars Güines and Sandoval made it the talk of town for a long while in Havanna. The colombian Rhythm of Cumbia used in Hector’s composition.

Conexión Latina(enja CD 5023) UN POCO LOCO After having played in many get-together bands to back up salsa singers on tour in Europe, Hector was asked tp play steady in Europe’s best salsa band so far, Conexión Latina.Hector’s participation in this band involved not only playing piano but also arranging and singing back-up vocals. This great CD features Benny Baily on trumpet and Joe Gallardo on trombon. It’s real salsa with arrangements provided by some of the best arrangers of the period: Luis Garcia, Oscar Hernandez, Edy Martinez.

Sunrise Orchesta, MALATA SUITE Ghanaese master drummer Kofi Misizo was invited by german musician Brünninng von Alten to perform, tour and record with his band Sunrise Orchesta. It is pure african Jazz!

Canto General Recorded when Hector was just 18 years old this was his first recording experience. After touring Germany with a 120 piece choir and orchesta, while studying classical piano there, Hector met Greek conductor and composer Mikis Theodorakis who urged the group to record parts of his epic composition Canto General. Unfortunately this recording is almost impossible to get.


  1. Hola Hector !! Un saludo cordial desde Puerto Rico. Estuvimos juntos en Alemania con la Sonora Antillana. Te Acuerdas?? Los soldados Raul Montes Y Angel Dueno. en la percusión.

  2. Hoy se le hizo un merecido homenaje, por la Emisora de la Universidad de Cartagena -U de C. Radio- a este eximio pianista colombiano (Hector Martignon), residente en el extranjero, quien con Justo Almario y Eddie Martinez constituyen las figuras mas rutilantes del jazz colombiano en el mundo.

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