Orchestral Works

  • Hector has been commissioned to write the orchestration of one of the compositions being performed on live national TV by the  NATIONAL SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA OF BULGARIA and bass-virtuoso Juan Garcia Herreros, Snow Owl, on Monday November 11th in Sofia, Bulgaria.
  • In August 2003 Hector traveled to Ljubliana, Slovenia and Moscow for the recording of Russian singer Vitaly Osmaçko’s first symphonic CD. Besides performing the piano in the recording Hector had been commitioned to write all the arrangements and orchestrations. After recording the basic tracks in Ljubljana with probably the most excellent rhythm section in the old Yugoslavia, Hector and project leader Vitaly Osmaçko travelled to Moscow where the fantastic RUSSIAN PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA recorded Hector’s orchestrations. In November of that year, when the project was finished, there was a great CD release concert in Ljubljana with the full Orchestra and the Slovenian band with Hector playing the piano in the Franz Liszt Theater of that gorgeous city.

AUDIO – VITALY OVERTURE (is a regrouping of the orchestral introductions to some of the tunes in Vitaly’s CD)


  • World Premiere at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, NYC

After a performance by one of New York city’s best string orchestras, Musica de Camara, at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, on Thursday April 7th. 2011,a review appeared in the New York Concert Review website. Among the compositions (all by Latin American composers) performed was Hector’s “Abre los Ojos, Cierra los Ojos” in a brand new orchestration commissioned by the ensemble; here excerpts from the review:

“Colombian Hector Martignon’s “Abre Tus Ojos, Cierra Tus Ojos” is a very difficult work that… caught the first violins off guard for a moment. Concertmaster Francisco Salazar, however, was absolutely terrific with hisdemanding solo part. Minimalistic, highly syncopated, and richly harmonized with 7th and 9th chords, “Cierra…” is a marvelous work, and the composer was present to receive the audience’s enthusiastic gratitude (photo).”

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