Martignon’s witty conception… pairs tunes that sequentially bookend each other. Time shifts, brisk turnarounds and bounding rhythms flash by with… dry bravado…it’s a likable mix… Martignon solos with crisp invention, and breathily sings his heartfelt “Observatory”. Fred Bouchard, DOWNBEAT, Nov, 07

…Things perked up when Paquito D’Rivera, the brilliant Cuban-born crossover clarinetist, joined the (Baltimore Sinphony) orchestra for music by eminent Argentine composer Astor Piazzolla..(D’Rivera) found an ideal outlet in the atmospheric, tango-infused Aconcagua, vibrantly partnered by pianist Hector Martignon and the BSO’s principal cellist, Ilya Finkelshteyn. Tim Smith, THE SUN, Baltimore

…Every piano solo became an adventure in two-handed power…Martignon is also a clever composer, whose ballad “Gabriela” is filled with catchy twists and turns. Bob Blumenthal, THE BOSTON GLOBE, Boston…

The incredibly twisty, knotted ensemble voicings on Hector Martignon’s ” Dancing Winds” … are themselves enough to make this (Ray Barretto’s CD) worth picking up. Then there is …Martignon’s leaping, glancingly dissonant keyboards… Gene Santoro, DAILY NEWS, nyc

…Hector Martignon introduces his own “Guaji-Rita” with a plaintive piano etude but is equally capable of latinizing Stanley Turrentine’s “Brother Tom” with pounding octaves and bouncing the obligatory power open fourth chords of Macoy Tyner’s “Effendi”. (His) “99 MacdougaL Street” effectivelly conducts a new wedding of Latin and bop textures. Jeff Kaliss, JAZZTIMES

…piano excepcional…Javier Martinez de Pison, EL DIARIO, nyc

…(Hector Martignon) se sacó de las manos una improvisación llena de ideas, con “Summertime” como excusa…Carlos Galilea, EL PAIS, Madrid

Hector Martignon, un pianista como pocos en el Jazz contemporáneo. Un maestro clásico dentro del Jazz latino. Compositor de primera…John de Souza,JAZZ Y ALGO MAS, Caracas

Hector Martignon nous a enchanté par ses solos et sa frappe au toucher trés latino…P.A. LE MONDE, Paris

…Superlative Afro-Latin jazz release (REFUGEE) by pianist Héctor Martignon.
Martignon, who has worked with Irazu, Ray Barretto, Luis Bonilla, and Descarga Boricua, has brought together a crew of amazing players … The result is a nearly overwhelming blast of rhythm and chordal slight of hand. Recorded in four sessions, each with different players.
…Highly Recommended! DESCARGA

…Colombian Hector Martignon’s “Abre Tus Ojos, Cierra Tus Ojos” is a very difficult work that… caught the first violins off guard for a moment. Concertmaster Francisco Salazar, however, was absolutely terrific with his demanding solo part. Minimalistic, highly syncopated, and richly harmonized with 7th and 9th chords, “Cierra…” is a marvelous work, and the composer was present (at St. Patricks Cathedral, NYC) to receive the audience’s enthusiastic gratitude. NEW YORK CONCERT REVIEW


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