Don’t miss this album!… Few if any (sessions) are as refreshingly original and as thoroughly musical as this extraordinary date … Martignon’s keyboard work is technically clean and stlistically imaginative… he is a true jazzman who swings with equal facility and conviction either in or out of clave… he is hip to a much broader array of rhythmic references than the typical Afro-Cuban grounded pianist… With an astounding variety of carefully chosen rhythmic and melodic hues Portrait in white and black is one of the most compelling albums of the year.Mark Holston, NEW YORK LATINO
Martignon’s melding of Afro-Cuban with Brazilian locutions results in a sparkling rumble that is irresistibly percussive. …(His CD)Portrait in white and black is among the year’s best...Gene Kalbacher, HOT HOUSE, NYC Jazz guide
After a stay in Ray Barretto’s band, Hector Martignon and two other band members, his fellow Colombian Jairo Moreno and Satoshi Takeishi, got together and toured as a trio. Martignon likes to mix Afro-Cuban and Brazilian influences. Ray Barretto comes on board to detonate “You and the Night and the Music.” In this piece and “Laura” we hear the delicious voice of Gabriela Anders. On “La Candelaria”, “Coqueteos” and “Noviembre, Susurro y Cumbia”, Martignon shows his loyalty to traditional Latin American music. Clearly, this is a man who doesn’t like ready-to-wear and to get in a rut. He seems especially fond of unusual rhythms, such as in “Tomorrow’s Past,” a bossa in 3/4, or the beautiful “She Said She Was From Sarajevo,” in 7/4, or “Hell’s Kitchen Sarabande” in 3/2. After discovering this multifaceted musician, we’d love to hear more. His next album should be out very shortly. Watch this space in the next issue !
LE JAZZ,Issue#5(Internet)
Martignon’s CD, Portrait in White And Black is full of exotic musical colors and striking original compositions.Lazaro Vega,THE GRAND RAPIDS PRESS, Michigan

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