Foreign Affair at KOZANI JAZZ FESTIVAL, Greece

Ti Kanis? Orea!!


Greece is coming back! And we’ll be there…

Starting the late Summer/Fall schedule will be a series of performances and workshops at the First KOZANI JAZZ FESTIVAL, from September 4-7 in Kozani, Greece, a dream-like town not far from Thessaloniki. Thereafter, we will close our Greek Odissey with a night at the Tiki Club in Athens on September 8th. The Foreign Affair quartet will feature such amazing instrumentalists as Panagiotis Andreu on bass, Mauricio Herrera on drums/percussion, long time member Christos Rafalides on vibes (and yours truely on piano). We will be playing new music ready to be recorded soon, adding this time the unparalleled artistry of Greek bass-virtuoso Panagiotis Andreu and, from the other side of the world, Cuba, an inventive new rhythm set-up by Mauricio Herrera. See you in Greece…



  1. Thanks Susan! Looking forward to visiting that amazing area of Greece and it’s beautiful people again!

  2. There aren’t any words… Everybody is talking about you! Είσαι εξαιρετικός καλλιτέχνης. I also enjoyed the “Second Chance” very much. Congratulations!!!!

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